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Who Uses the Memberships?

OFFICE BOX® is a good fit for freelancers, entrepreneurs, home based and mobile workers. The goal is to build a unique diverse community of professionals in our shared office space where collaboration, networking and creativity flows.

How Does Your Membership Work?   First, choose the Membership that works for you. If you need just a common table for your laptop with access to our conference room and other amenities, the Common Space Membership is for you.


The Dedicated Desk Membership is for those that need their own space on their own terms. Bring your desk tops, laptops monitors and even your favorite desk accessories, it's your dedicated space.

How Do I Pay?   Payments are made via “ACH Debit”, Credit or Debit Card, and are auto-billed monthly. Our dashboard via our website or mobile device helps you manage your Membership, update billing info, booking calendar etc.

What Are the Hours?   The OFFICE BOX®  is available 24 Hours, seven days a week for full time members.  Day Passes are Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm.

What’s the Policy on Cell Phone Use in the Space?   This is an office, so feel free to do business on your cell phone. Just be mindful of others and if you need a little privacy, we have a phone booth for your convenience.

Who Keeps the Place Clean?   We have a janitorial service that comes in for an overall cleaning once a week but does not do individual offices.   However, we do ask you to help us keep things tidy by looking after your space and putting your foam & paper cups in the central waste can. This is a community space and we can all do our part to keep it tidy.

What is the Printing Policy?   Membership includes light use of our networked printer.  There is a slight charge per copy printed. We ask if you have heavy printing needs, that you take advantage of Fed-x, or UPS.  You are encouraged to bring your own printer if you have a private office.

Is the Space Secure?   We can't be responsible for your property so be sure to insure your own belongings/equipment. The building is equipped with cameras 24/7 to help keep us secure.  For your belongings, Dedicated Desk members can use the locking cabinet at your desk, but Common Space members should always take their things home when not in the building.  Our building is always locked and requires a keycard to enter, so optimally only members and their guests will have access to the space.

  1. A one-time charge for affiliation and administration which includes Entrance Key Card.

  2. Monthly rentals are automatically charged on the 1st day of the month which will allow your key to open the door.

  3. A $35.00 charge for all rejections such as timely payment on our card.

  4. Physical card entrance is allowed only for the month paid.

  5. School aged children are not allowed.

  6. Your card will be charged $25 per hour for any guest using any unoccupied Desk for 1 hour.

  7. If you are present, private offices may have guests any time.

  8. Your employees may work in your office by paying an additional $100.00 per employee per month.  An additional Membership and enrollment entrance card is required for each employee working in your office.

  9. The conference room is available by reservation.

  10. Undedicated desks are on a 1st come, 1st used basis.



Lightning Fast Fiber Internet

Common Space Work Tables

Lounge Area

Extended Hours, Secured Access

Mail Service

Complimentary Coffee Bar

Access to Conference Rooms

Network Printing

All Utilities paid, No assessments

Free Parking

Lease the spaces for one month at a time; no long-term lease required

All offices have access to a bathroom shower.


Being a part of a co-working space means working with others. We want to make sure that all our participants have the best possible experience to do what they do in a productive environment.


Network with others. Part of our mission is to help connect others as well as be a conduit for creativity and productivity. Introduce yourself and build lasting relationships.

Be respectful. Working with a diverse group of people can be very rewarding in personal and professional growth. Let's make sure that discussions on certain thought process' and world views remain respectful and productive.

Take care of our Building. Our workspaces are shared and designed for all to enjoy. Let's make sure we treat these spaces accordingly. After using the conference room, please have it ready for the next group. By cleaning after ourselves, our space will remain an enjoyable place to work.

Noise Control. Working in a shared space means we must be mindful of others. Short phone calls and everyday conversation are fine, but more focused conversations should be taken to the phone booth, the conference room or outside.



Bring children.   OFFICE BOX® is geared for productivity. Having a sick child home from school or other circumstance is a bummer, however, please refrain from bringing them to work.  A few minutes’ visit is Ok, but please be mindful of other people.

Use foul language. We have people from every walk of life and we hope to have a pleasant environment for all to enjoy.


Use tobacco or E-Cigs/Vapor. We want to be mindful of all, so please refrain from using any sort of E-Cigs or Vapor.

Be a kitchen catastrophe. Our open spaces are meant for an enjoyable environment, but that comes with drawbacks such as visible kitchen sinks and no barriers to stop your microwaved Thai Chicken Curry invading the nostrils of many. Please be mindful of cleaning up after yourself. 


As an OFFICE BOX® member, you agree to these guidelines to ensure that our community has the experience we intend. Please note that management reserves the right to amend these guidelines as needed.   Please visit often to ensure you are updated on any changes.


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